War and the Shout of Victory in 2024 | Dr. Arleen Westerhof

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Dr. Arleen Westerhof

Director, Netherlands Prophetic Council

Co-director, European Prophetic Council

Time to war

2024 – 2026 will be years of war, both in the heavens and on the ground. The Lord says:

  • Refute war in the heavens. The enemy will use it to try to disrupt

the global dissemination of the gospel. I refer to a prophetic word from Bob Jones from 2004. “Some of the greatest evangelists and revivalists worldwide are meant to come out of Russia. So, war against war! Do not deliberately partner with destruction by agreeing with threats and not praying. Your decrees are essential to mitigate the damage.

  • War against the spirit of religion and false ideologies by decreeing My promises over the land and raising up watchmen intercessor prophets. It’s the time of Revelation 3:7. It’s the time of Isa. 22:22 “I will place on His shoulder the key to the house of David. What He opens not one can shut and what he shuts, no one can open!”
  • War against disease, lack and death by establishing places of radical surrender that host My Presence.
  • Raise up  prophetic watchmen who know how to operate in the supernatural. We can turn these attacks away!
  • War for the persecuted church (in the Spirit). A network of safe houses for the persecuted church will circle the globe. The underground church will thrive in persecution as it is tested in the furnace of affliction (2 Samuel 10).

War in the nations

The political maps of the nations will be redrawn, as countries dissolve old alliances and make new ones. Deals made behind closed doors to divide the nations as bounty will be revealed. The Empire spirit is still active in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, but do not allow your heart to grow faint. I am with you, says the Lord.

War against the political spirit the enemy is trying to hurl into the vacuum of leadership and national identity. As you do, I will astound your nations with unexpected election results. It is time for righteousness and justice. Hold fast to Me to resist being pulled into polarized positions that lead towards civil war.

Antisemitism, political Islam and the antichrist spirit (woke-ism and secular humanism) will continue to target our nations. Step into My greater authority against these and see angels of breakthrough activated with you.

Time to shout!

As we hear the sounds of war and rumors of war, those who have ears to hear will also hear the shout of God. It’s the shout of the King and it’s a shout of victory. It’s also the shout that will keep us on track personally and prophetically as we navigate this season of intense shakings.

Balaam couldn’t curse Israel because “the LORD his God is with him and the shout of a King is among them.” (Num. 23:21b). This is not a time to be silent! The fate of our families and of our nations is in the balance!

This year we’re going to see the Holy Spirit intensify the integration of worship, intercession and prophetic declarations so that His Kingdom will start to prevail more and more on the earth.

Europe, it’s time to pray

I am calling you back to prayer and fasting. My house shall once again be called a “House of prayer” (Mark 11:17, Luke 10:46).

Prayer gatherings, both small and large, will break out and you will start to see the powers of hell dislodged over your nations.

“So He said to them, ;‘This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.’” (Matt. 9:29).

Time for Africa’s voice

Will start to find her voice this year. I will draw a line between My true  apostles and prophets and those who mix the true with the false. I call forth the Holy Spirit empowered wisdom bearers and nation builders to arise in Africa!

Time for new economies for wealth Creation

Stop running back and forth to those who say, “Wealth can be found here, or there.” Realize that our true wealth is found only in God. Obedience (righteousness and justice) will be our protection in the days to come as economies crumble. God will protect and provide.

Crypto currencies will no longer be the huge money-makers that they once were. They will become mainline. The blockchain (the technology behind cryptos) and the new fintech applications that promote truth and justice will cause God’s hand of favor to fall on those who develop and invest in them.  

2024-2026 will see God judge Babylonian system of wealth creation and greed (Eze. 28:4, 16; Rev. 18:9-11). Economies will come crumbling down. We cannot keep doing business as the world does.

God’s time for America again

I have not forgotten America and I have preserved a remnant in the land.  Fast and pray and ask Me again for the ancient paths (Jer. 6:16). As you do, I will reveal untapped sources of wealth in the ground that have not yet been discovered. The Lord says, “Look to the Appalachian mountains and the hills.” Large deposits of silicon (the key element used in making computer chips) are there.

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