Europe, wage war against war | European Prophetic Council Word for 2024

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The enemy is using war to distract from revival and awakening. He is sowing death to rob lives from the great harvest of souls. This year you will learn to fight God’s spiritual World War III, together with Him, so that you do not have to fight a natural World War III before it’s time. Raise up the army. The body of Christ has been know as the remnant and the ekklesia. Now she will be known as the army of the Lord.

Raise My shout of victory
In the midst of intense shaking you will hear My shout of victory (Num. 23:21). Let Me fill your mouth with stronghold-destroying, mountain-moving prayers, strategies, insights and solutions. Do not allow the empire spirit to make your heart grow faint (China, Russia, Iran and North Korea). As you arise in righteousness and justice, the antichrist spirit (antisemitism, political Islam, secular humanism and woke-ism) targeting your nations will start to be pushed back. Nations are in the valley of decision. Guard your hearts amid an increase in extreme politics, nationwide riots and an information war. Don’t be desensitised by immorality and complacency. The enemy wants to accelerate the advance of evil and convince you that it’s too late to make a difference. As you come to the war room, I will give you new weapons for this era. This is a year to ask boldly for the nations.

On your knees, roll up your sleeves
I am releasing the Spirit of the fear of the Lord and calling you back to prayer and fasting. My house shall once again be called a “house of prayer for all nations” (Mk. 11:17, Isa. 56:7). As prayer gatherings, both small and large, break out, you will see the powers of hell dislodged over your nations. Establish European and global prayer networks. Language will be no barrier for this new prayer movement. Healing will be the daily business of My people as battles are won in the secret place. A wave of repentance will turn the tide of wickedness and cause a wave of harvest. Stadiums will fill as I re-tool My harvesters to use not a rod, but a wide net. Prayer will dislodge powers of hell and detonate outbreaks of healing.

The mantle of reformation hangs over Europe, grasp it now
The charge from heaven is to just do it, go, act, step out, hit the road, release finances. It’s no longer time to just watch and wait. God is closing a sidewalk and opening a go-kart track. I haven’t sent you to preserve churches but to co-labour with Me. Do not build your own walls of protection but step through the doors while they are open. Release deep forgiveness to destroy deep resentments within families, and within and between churches, cities, regions and nations. There are new assignments for My ekklesia. You will go as sheep among wolves, not as sheep to the slaughter. I send you out as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves, to open doors of influence into governmental structures (Matt. 10:16).

Apostles will soar in 2024
Call forth the apostolic age! There will be an acceleration of the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom and apostolic mission (Matt. 28:18-20). Apostolic/prophetic teams and new initiatives will increase rapidly. From this firm foundation evangelists, pastors and teachers will be released into a new level of authority and fruitfulness. There is a finishing anointing and a sending anointing, with bold decision-making for both.

The great displacement season will see leaders dislodged and replaced
Leaders across all spheres, including government, business, church and entertainment, will be replaced by unexpected candidates. Get ready for shocking election results. The world systems as you know them will start to crumble as I shake them to expose corruption. I call forth the solutionists to create solution centres. I will give simple solutions for serious, complex world problems. They will even find innovations and inventions for food and water shortages and rising sea levels. Ungodly deals made behind closed doors to divide the nations as bounty will be revealed. There is a window of opportunity in politics, business and the economy for My faithful ones.

New economics for My provision
Stop running back and forth to those who say, “Wealth can be found here or there.” Realise that your true wealth is found only in Me and in obedience. Stop trusting in human structures and strategies. Righteousness and justice will be your protection as economies shake. I am judging the Babylonian system of wealth creation and greed (Rev. 18:3). Creative entrepreneurship is arising from Europe, with new companies run by prophetic influencers. As currency digitises, My people will develop and possess digital space with a revolutionary, technological mindset. Projects to heal the nations and cross border supply lines will flourish.

Close the gates on inside attacks
Shields up! Get re-equipped for warfare. I will train you in discernment to know the tricks and trades of darkness to thwart attacks on the ekklesia in cities and nations from the inside out. Raise the shields of faith around each other. This will protect you from the fiery darts and arrows of the enemy. I am training watchmen to hit the target and not shoot blindly.

Take up the mantle of Elijah and call forth the Jehu anointing
Destroy the wickedness of the jezebel spirit and free people from the spirits of mind control and complacency. Saturate yourselves in the Word to combat the spirit of deception. I am breaking you out of western mindsets of unbelief and raising you up to be a people of faith to see great miracles again in Europe. I impart to you a new boldness to stand firm and strong in faith in the midst of fire and persecution. Physical oil will even be manifested as a sign of my healing anointing.

Only speak what I say
Don’t echo the news but say only what I say. Discern My voice in the noise. The days demand storytellers who will predict a more accurate future. Those stones not dulled by religion will write My movies. I will launch My prophets into new areas of influence with surprising invitations. Call forth a new level of discernment to distinguish between true and false prophets and their reports. Prophets, be teachable. Be prophets whose life and actions manifest the prophetic word and raise up the next generation. You need to love first before you can prophesy. Sniper prophets will be sniped at, for I will burn the spirit of jealousy from My prophets and uproot it from My body.

Specific words for countries:

– I will open a door to the Middle East from you.
Austria – The angel for Austria is commissioned to visit all churches, communities and believers in Austria with light and grace to identify weak points and correct them so that you are prepared. I am giving Austria the chance to come into My calling with an unusual authority to bind and loose, forbid and allow.

Belgium – I call you into your destiny as a freedom nation, a resource nation.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – A full-on revival will burst forth, with networks across the Baltic, Balkan and Eastern European nations.

France – A new level of prophetic authority will manifest. A time of healing of deep wounds has begun.

Germany – Call an end to the humanist church in Germany. I will sift the hearts of apostles and prophets to become Kingdom-minded. I will appoint true national prophets to a round table and stop the jezebel assault on prophecy, with wounds healed, and the sound of righteousness will fill the land instead of condemnation.

Germany, Luxembourg and Slovakia – Each nation will have a rescue centre from human trafficking. Miraculous feedings and inner healings will erupt.

Hungary – Special authority has been granted to you to open Kingdom doors this year, especially in the area of the media.
Italy – Wrong coalitions have been made to hide them from scrutiny. Don’t be intimidated, Italy. Renaissance for you has already started in quiet places, and I will deal with rock-hard humanism.

Ireland – Watch as I confront the comfortable, the complacent and the counterfeit spirits swirling among My body. I will empty the nests and the eagles will soar. Ancient apostolic highways to the world will reopen and reactivate. Hubs of habitation will be built throughout the island of Ireland, both North and South, Judah houses, places of worship for My glory alone.

Netherlands – You are My apostolic child, a leader nation. A land known for innovation, pioneering and reformation. The royal house will be shaken and come into repentance to follow me. A new template for education will spread from you into Europe and beyond. I call forth the new way of building houses, infrastructures and cities.

Nordic nations and Estonia – Your prophetic pioneering has become a movement. Many more activations, schools and training events will happen all over the north. It’s a fire that cannot be extinguished now and the next generation will follow your lead.

Slovakia – There is new cooperation with Albania, new resources, you’ll no longer be dependent on other countries but enjoy financial independence with agricultural increase. Discover hidden caves, new fossil fuels and raw elements.

Slovenia – Remove the veil of servitude and false submission that comes from a religious spirit and become a land of refuges. I am preparing fresh soil for the Balkans and the fruits of seeds sown a long time ago to create a hatchery for young people and intercessors, with new covenants for the EX YU countries. Release new revelation to the Catholic, Pentecostal and Orthodox churches. Bind the critical spirit.

Sweden – New prayer movements will be birthed and a Joel 2 prayer army raised up.

Switzerland – You are in a purifying process and some organisational structures will fall. The pillars of humanism will no longer support the weight of the world. But I call My body in Switzerland to bear the weight of My glory.

Saudi Arabia, Guyana, Mexico – You will see an economic revolution – look to these nations as an example of what will happen for the countries that create space for Me and My prophets.

Africa – It is time for Africa’s voice to arise. I call forth the Holy Spirit empowered wisdom bearers and nation builders to arise in Africa!

USA – I will awaken you again. Large deposits of silicon (eg for computer chips) will be found in the Appalachian mountains.

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